Seriously deploying the magic positive beans out of my toolbox this week. I could crumble but I won’t.

With an unscheduled brain scan completed this morning (YUP ON A SUNDAY) I was already feeling a bit on edge this week. however my brain is always playing up so I’m not going to get my knickers in a twist yet. Think Bridget Jones pants, it can get quite twisty!

What knocked me sideways this week is that my Vet thought the time had come to put my beautiful little Pixie pug to sleep. Her legs are failing terribly. However as I am a domestic crochet goddess ninja (yup I’ll take them all this week) and home a great deal of time, I am Pixies full time carer, therefore I am there to help her all of the times she gets in a leg pickle.

I rescued Mini and Pixie 6 years ago. They were very neglected. In total they are my 8th rescues. I have re-homed pugs since the age of 18. Always had a soft spot for the ‘I’ve run into the brick wall’ type of look.

These two pugs are extra special though as I homed them three months before Justin died. they helped me keep my marbles intact. The most loving hugs and slobbery kisses were continually administered till I could start to breathe again.

img_0801So no Ms Vetty pants, I hear what you say, however  I’m not putting her to sleep yet as this little black girl has plenty of feistiness and spirit left in her. She’s now on full pain relief. I will know when the time will be right. Mini needs her older sister and its my turn to be there for Pixie.

So as its been ‘one of those weeks’ I thought I’d share  some of my fail safe, keep marbles intact, tried and tested tips on how I handle weeks like this. This is shared, not in a patronising way but done so with love. I’m a nosy old bat and I love picking up tips and handy hints to add to my ‘life tool box’. So I thought I would share:


They are all sooo obvious, however, sometimes we don’t notice whats under our own noses. I know I don’t a lot of the time!

1 (Really obvious one  – bear with) Eat well. Sounds simple, when your gut is happy, you will be happier. Its tempting in trying times to eat all the rubbish. Upsetting times can really physically affect your gut, which is actually your second brain. Your gut actually releases more serotonin than the brain (the happy juice) so its worth being kind to it. If you are a a comfort eater and like a sweet treat then try a naked bar; you get the hit of treat without buggering up your tummy.

2 Headspace APP. its a truly brilliant meditation and mindfulness app, it helps you refocus when the angry wasps are buzzing in your brain.

3  Richard Nicholls. Great short podcasts. Go find him on the iTunes chart. He’s a friendly, no nonsense chap who really is very motivational. His tag line is ‘Be the best you can be’….. I like that a lot.

4 Fancy some skill enhancing casual reading? Try Ruby Waxs’ ‘Sane New World’ and ‘Frazzled’. Some great tips in there.

5 HUG. IT ALWAYS HELPS. Never push a hug or an offer of help away. David taught me that.

6 MUSIC! Turn it up loud and have a dance. Plenty of science t0 back this up and if you allow it, it will change the dynamics of your thoughts.

7 Change of scene. can you go for a walk? Can you move from where you are?

All of these have helped me in tricky times. Now you must excuse me I am off to blow some raspberries on a fat pug tummy and probably contract Ebola…

Lots of love

Nancy xxx


17 thoughts on “FOR THE LOVE OF PUG

    1. You know there are days I look at my old chocolate lab Angus- trouble getting up, and what I call handicap assistance to get on the bed- he is 13. Those days I think ” poor guy then the next day he takes a jaunt back through the fields. Right now they are my greatest comfort-my husband is end stage cancer and all 3 of these goofs are hanging around him in the living room- without them to talk to ( do all the time ) I would be nuttier than I am. You will know when it’s time and your fur baby will let you know. Bless you and the wonderful fairy life and our crazy fur kids


  1. Oh Nancy, that was such a touching post! I think you’re right and you know best what is good for Pixie. As long as she’s not in too much pain….
    And thanks for the tips, Ill have to check the podcast , they sound like a very good idea! Keep being a fairy, you’re good at it! 😉


  2. Oh Nance, you’ve got me blubbering here. What an amazing mix of honesty and advice. I’ll put all your tips in my toolbox thank you lovely 💕👍 I nursed our dear cat when she had cancer, lifting her up when she wanted to eat and generally being there for her, the silver lining of chronic illness is being home more eh? But she was still enjoying life and I knew when it was time because she told me, as your Pixie pug will tell you.. I really hope that the scan results are positive, and I send so much love and hugs to you, your family and your gorgeous puglets Jo xxx Oh, ps. It’s me @cuppansnook! 💕

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  3. Aw Nancy, I’m so inspired by how positive you are! What lucky pugs to have you fighting for them!! Big hugs and thanks for the list, it’s fab…… I’m off to crank up the music and download Headspace!! Jenny xxx

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  4. Oh Nance, you had me blubbering reading this. Thank you for your wonderful, wise tips, I’ll put them in my toolbox lovely 💕 When our darling cat Velvet had cancer I carried her around, lifted her up when she wanted and generally nursed her. The silver lining of chronic illness is being home more, eh? I knew when the time had come because she told me, as your dear Pixie will tell you..
    I hope that the scan results are clear and send so much love and hugs to you, your family and your lovely puglets. Jo xxxxx


    1. Velvet, what a lovely name. Yes you’re right there are lots of benefits to being at home more. Pixie certainly needs me all the time at the moment. I’m glad you liked the post, didn’t mean to make you blubber but it’s such an emotional thing isn’t it? I’m crossing fingers for my scan too. I’ve had a zillion blood tests too, I’d love some answers. Just not bad ones 😂 Lots of love and squishy hugs xxx


  5. Gotta love a pug! I would agree… If you can manage her pain and while she has a fight in her, let her enjoy her comfy life. I have a similar thing with Cavaliers. Milo has truly saved me. Furry hugs, gnomes, happy colourful clothes and a nice mug. My top tips on surviving the hard stuff 😉


  6. Well you know how much I love my pugs, and I can see why your knickers are twisty! Best of luck with Pixies care, if anyone can do it you can.
    I love all of your 7 top tips- One of my clients uses the Headspace app, its so good that people can have something to help them that is so easily accessible.
    Another tip from me would be to get perspective and remember that this time will pass, it may seem difficult now but you will be ok, just like you have been before.
    Fat pug tummy raspberries to you love! x

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