To fold or not to fold, that is the real question.


After 15033 days on this mortal coil (give or take a few tics) I have come to an important conclusion.  There are basically two ‘types’ of day. Firstly,  “the pyjama folding day,” this is when I place them neatly  folded under my pillow or the “you can bugger folding them” type of day where I fling said pyjamas in any direction, sometimes suffocating a pug by accident or knocking over the bedside lamp. There might be the odd swear word involved on this type of day. Okay, maybe more than just the odd one. Bugger is particularly effective. Go on shout bugger out loudly right now……good isn’t it?

Now, being married to a lovely clever sausage who studied Science at Imperial College London, all I ever hear is “well in order for an idea or concept to be valid then good science based evidence is required” He regularly mentions this when I come up with one of my ideas, or life changing theories.  Well Mr clever sausage, see the above number of days I’ve been on this planet, times that by my quite frankly mesmerising intellect and boom there’s your science based evidence 😉

So, seeing as I have the backing of science, cough cough. I thought I’d touch on just a few of the zillion reasons that make a day a pyjama folding or non folding day. (I’ll pick a random few)

Folding reasons – good nights sleep, good health, a happy heart, a pug snuggle or maybe glistening sunshine through the gap in the curtains. 

Non folding days – You have a meeting with the office arsehole, you can’t fit in your favourite dress (this mainly applies to men, buy hey whatever floats your boat), your alarm doesn’t go off, so you are flinging round like a headless chicken, you’re lonely and you want a morning hug.

These examples alone need a bundle of blog posts to cover them properly. So I suppose what I am waffling on about here is the practical application of mindfulness. Maybe for a day or two try the folding/throwing thing, whats making you happy or sad and what can you do about that? 

 I sincerely hope that by taking a moment for yourself each morning you find out you have more folding days than not. I wish you as many pyjama folding days as possible. Folders rule, throwers drool 😉 

Lots of love, Nancy xxx


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